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New BIM objects online !

Published 2020/10/15

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Haulotte BIM library keeps growing !

Haulotte released twelve new BIM objects, continuing its commitment to provide 3D resources including relevant technical data to efficiently plan and manage a construction project. New object files include the following models:
  • • Electric vertical masts Star 6/6C/8/8S (US name Star 13/22J/20)
  • • Articulating Booms HA12CJ+/12IP/15IP/ 16 RTJ PRO/20 RTJ PRO/26 RTJ PRO/32 RTJ PRO/41 RTJ PRO
(US names HA32 CJ+/33 JE/43 JE/46 RTJ PRO/61 RTJ PRO/80 RTJ PRO/100 RTJ PRO/130 RTJ PRO)

The objects are free to download in either Revit or IFC format, two leading systems for creating BIM projects. The Haulotte web-based portal now supplies the building industry with 32 BIM objects.

«Our Building Information Models library expansion reflects our goal to support the construction industry with embracing digital technologies.»

Clément Viaouet, Product Manager at Haulotte, says

A final batch is planned for the end of the year so that all the participants in the construction sector can use Haulotte equipment in their works.

Haulotte ist in Europa der marktführende und weltweit der drittgrößte Hersteller von selbstfahrenden Hubarbeitsbühnen : teleskopbühnen, Scherenbühne...

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