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Haulotte’s machines popular in the aviation industry

Published 2020/01/14

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Aircraft maintenance is highly regulated; the H12SX is perfect for high access applications and provides the highest safety levels for the staff who controls the correct functioning of aircrafts before a flight. The large platform can lift up to 4 workers to complete the most demanding jobs. The two extensions offer additional space, achieving a total platform length of 6 m. Thanks to a lift capacity of 700 kg, operators can load many pieces of equipment up to 10 meters. The tight turning radius ensures easy manoeuvring in the hangars.

Three of Thai Airways staff attended a training session at Haulotte Singapore to ensure safe use of their new machines. The training included a hands-on demonstration and an overview of safety features, as well as maintenance operations. «This practical workshop is a great way to familiarize our customers with our products» said Tin Maung Lynn, training in the Singapore subsidiary.

Haulotte ist in Europa der marktführende und weltweit der drittgrößte Hersteller von selbstfahrenden Hubarbeitsbühnen : Gelenkarbeitsbuehnen, Scherenbühne...

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