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Haulotte will soon open a brand new plant in China

Published 2020/11/27

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Growth to keep pace with the Chinese market

Haulotte established its first office in China 15 years ago to focus on selling equipment. Not long after, Haulotte Group built a dedicated manufacturing facility to serve the country and areas abroad. Thus, it enabled Haulotte to respond to an emerging market about to become the absolute no. 1 worldwide with the right flexibility and expected response time.

To keep up with such a demanding market, Haulotte is pleased to announce the opening of a brand-new plant, a project named “Fei Long”. This facility will be the flagship of Haulotte’s ambition in China with its 4.0 designed factory on 80000 sqm of land. The 44000 sqm building will significantly enable Haulotte to widen the range of local production, which will soon include both telescopic and articulated booms.

The “Fei Long" project : Haulotte's new plant in China

Located in the Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, close to its first original plant, the new facility will benefit from the latest technologies in terms of organization and process, such as the capacity to design locally customized solutions. The «Fei Long» project will be conveniently located near the highway which will ease logistics and allow Haulotte to be closer to local suppliers. The start of the construction just began in October 2020, with an opening scheduled in first half 2022.

Haulotte ist in Europa der marktführende und weltweit der drittgrößte Hersteller von selbstfahrenden Hubarbeitsbühnen : Scherenarbeitsbuehnen elektrisch, Scherenarbeitsbuehnen diesel, Hubarbeitsbühnen : Gelenkarbeitsbuehnen elektrisch, Gelenkarbeitsbuehnen diesel ...

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