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Haulotte updates its Haulotte Diag app

Published le 07/22/2020

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Haulotte Diag is a free diagnostic tool that allows remote access for maintenance technicians to diagnose all Haulotte machines. Since its first launch in 2018, thousands of people have downloaded the Haulotte Diag app and use it to troubleshoot equipment problems. Based on their feedback, Haulotte has developed a new version (3.7) of its mobile app with more valuable functionalities, including upload of a machine software, parameters sharing.


From now on, upload your machine’s software from your mobile device

Haulotte app developers not only modernized the design of the app, they also improved the UX. Thanks to the new update, it is possible to use a smartphone to update a machine’s software directly from the field via a WiFi connection.
The software searching is facilitated: once connected to the Wireless VCI box, the app recognizes the equipment, queries the Haulotte technical database and offers to install the best software version. In case there is no network, it is possible to download the machine’s software locally and to update it offline.

Friendly and intuitive ergonomics

Design and usability are the main focus for Haulotte: this is why the new Diag app offers improved stability and performance. The 3.7 version fixed several bugs and addressed users’ issues with slow operation. Faster and more efficient, the Diag app also provides a new user-friendly interface. It is now easier to restore parameters files as they are automatically saved before uploading a software. Machine logs can also be shared by email or instant messaging to meet users’ demands.
The updated Haulotte Diag app is available in 12 languages on Android and Windows Mobile. The IOS version is currently under development. If you don’t have automatic updates turned on, please go to your app store to download the new version.

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