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Haulotte platforms at the service of Street Art

Published 2020/03/17

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Since its origins in the late 1960s, Street art has grown worldwide, appearing on surrounding buildings, streets, trains, and on other public media. Haulotte aerial platforms are popular among street artists to reach high in the sky with confidence.

Street artists are looking for a reliable, quick and easy way to elevate to perform their artwork on urban environment. Because their huge artistic creations are often located on hard-toreach surfaces, they need a comfortable access platform which ensures maximum safety and high productivity. Haulotte scissors and articulating booms are particularly valued for their versatility and are spotted around the globe supporting creative performers, in a totally different environment from those building and industrial sites where they usually operate.
Here is a selection of mural painted on Haulotte machines...

Haulotte street art

Haulotte ist in Europa der marktführende und weltweit der drittgrößte Hersteller von selbstfahrenden Hubarbeitsbühnen : Gelenkarbeitsbuehnen, Scherenbühne...

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