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Haulotte makes new BIM objects available

Published 2020/06/26

Reading 2 min

Haulotte completes its Building Information Models library with twelve new BIM objects! Since their launch earlier this year, numerous architects, engineers, and construction companies are using Haulotte BIM objects to plan, design and manage a construction project more efficiently.

As announced, Haulotte expands its BIM library, making the entire scissor lift product line available for download:
> Electric scissor lift Optimum 8 (US name Optimum 1931 AC)
> Electric scissor lifts Compact 8/8W/10/10 DX/10 N/12/12 DX/14 (US names Compact 2032 E/ 2247 E/ 2747 E/ 2632 E/ 3347 E/ 3947 E)
> Diesel scissor lifts Compact 10 DX/12 DX (US names Compact 2668 RT/ 3368 RT)
> Diesel scissor lifts H12SX/H12SXL/H15SX/H15SXL/H18SX/H18SXL (US names HS3388 RT/ HS3388 RT XL/ HS4388 RT/ HS5388 RT) 

Clément Viaouet, Product Manager at Haulotte, says «The new BIM objects meet the quality standards of the previous ones: particular attention was paid on their design and small data size. Thanks to hard work on parameters and working envelope, Haulotte BIM objects act on a virtual environment as the real equipment would on the jobsite». Haulotte teams continue to work on developing other Building Information Models. The next wave is planned in the coming weeks with the vertical masts, articulating and telescopic booms.

>> Connect to Haulotte’s websites and the BIMobject® Cloud to include the latest Haulotte’s BIM models in your building project!


Haulotte ist in Europa der marktführende und weltweit der drittgrößte Hersteller von selbstfahrenden Hubarbeitsbühnen : teleskopbühnen, Scherenbühne...

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