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Haulotte Italia and Haulotte Iberica obtain triple ISO certification

Published 2023/05/15

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Haulotte Italia and Haulotte Iberica subsidiaries have just obtained the triple certification ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018. In just one year, the two subsidiaries obtained their certificates, a very short time considering the work done on process improvement.

The Group is accelerating its operational excellence strategy to improve customer satisfaction, ensure the health and safety of its employees and reduce its environmental impact.

During the audit, we truly felt the daily commitment of subsidiaries’ teams to implement continuous improvement. The two subsidiaries have now become accustomed to using YOG* tools and processes in their daily work. Another point noticed by the auditors is the way customer satisfaction drives action plans of the two subsidiaries.

Bérenger DUDEK, Health Safety and Environment manager Quality at Haulotte

De gauche à droite : Stephano MEDICI (Responsable Finance), Larbi AIT TARMI
(Responsable Opération Client), Giovanni ZACCARIA (Responsable Service),
Nicola VIOLINI (Directeur Général Haulotte Italia)

In order to obtain the triple certification, some specific actions have been implemented by the teams. Such as strengthening the safety and environmental traceability of all the subsidiary's activities and enhancing the induction and integration process for new arrivals.

Strong commitments

The independent certification organization BSI has just delivered Haulotte a single certificate that combines ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 et 45001:2018.
  • The ISO 9001 certification demonstrates Haulotte’s commitment to customer satisfaction. This additional mark of confidence guarantees them an identical level of quality on all certified sites.
  • Obtaining ISO 45001 certification rewards Haulotte’s proactive policy to create better working conditions. Indeed, the group has set up an efficient prevention system to reduce the risks linked to health and safety at work.
  • With the ISO 14001 certification, Haulotte proves the efficiency of its environmental management system. Numerous measures have been put in place to reduce waste, rationalize resource management and, on a wider scale, reduce the harmful effects of the group’s activity on the environment.

We obtained this certification because we implemented processes that improve our environmental impact. Among these actions, we can mention the installation of a closed-circuit washing system, the deployment of a series of improvements aimed at reducing energy consumption with annual targets and the increase of the recyclable portion of the company's waste. We have also begun a constant monitoring of our carbon footprint and the emissions of all the machines we use and those we market.

Nicola Violini, General Manager of Haulotte Italia

After Haulotte France and Haulotte Shanghai few months ago, Haulotte Italia and Haulotte Iberica become the 2nd and 3rd European subsidiaries to obtain this triple ISO certification.
The Haulotte Group's objective is to see all its entities, including the 21 subsidiaries, triple certified. This objective will be achieved progressively as part of the harmonization of its processes.

Haulotte ist in Europa der marktführende und weltweit der drittgrößte Hersteller von selbstfahrenden Hubarbeitsbühnen : Teleskopmastbuehnen, Scherenbühne...

ISO Certified 9001/14001/45001

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