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Haulotte expands its successful RTJ telescopic range

Published 2020/06/18

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Designed for working in challenging environments and tackling the most demanding projects, the HT16 RTJ O/PRO (HT46 RTJ O/PRO in North America) shares the same design and performance characteristics as the other models in the Haulotte RTJ range. Incorporating Haulotte safety standards and latest innovations, the new telescopic boom provides a  dual platform capacity along with 4-wheel steering and is ideal for work up to 16 meters (46 feet) high.



The latest addition to the RTJ range is an outdoor telescopic boom designed for versatile applications: heavy construction, finishing, maintenance, sports and other events. It perfectly combines efficiency with excellent all-terrain ability.
HT16 RTJ O/PRO boosts your productivity
The new RTJ machine has the best outreach on the market and offers a weight capacity of 250 kg (550 lb). For applications requiring heavy equipment, the dual-load option increases the basket load capacity to 350 kg (770 lb). Haulotte’s new telescopic boom elevates the operator to the work area quickly (less than 1 minute to full height) thanks to quick and simultaneous movements associated with a 360° turret rotation. The mechanical axle drive allows for the use of a smaller, simpler engine (24hp/18.5 kW) while maintaining the same performances as other RTJ booms. Thanks to the smaller engine, the telescopic boom eliminates the need for a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC). In STAGE V regulated countries, there is also no requirement to use a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).
Superior agility and maneuverability on all terrains
The HT16 RTJ O/PRO (HT46 RTJ O/PRO in North America) easily climbs over obstacles and slopes up to 45%. Operators can elevate on uneven surfaces, even with a significant tilt angle of 5°, whatever the boom angle. The operator controlled locking rear differential allows maximum traction in the most difficult rough terrain situations. Proportional controls guarantee smooth operation and precise movements on the way up to the work area. The new telescopic boom operates anywhere, even on the roughest terrain. It is the only machine of its category featuring 4-wheel steering. In 4-wheel steering mode, the turning radius is shortened, enabling the driver to maneuver in tight areas. Crab mode facilitates motion in all directions, making it easier to access the work area.



The HT16 RTJ O/PRO telescopic boom (HT46 RTJ O/PRO in North America) is a reliable machine combining robust design with ergonomic controls and integrating Haulotte’s exclusive innovations: Activ’Lighting System and Activ’Shield Bar for optimal safety.
Improved robustness and driving comfort
Haulotte has paid attention to the strength and reliability of the materials used in its new machine. All of the high-quality components come from market leading suppliers; the controls cover and tray are made of ultra-solid composite material and pins are protected against corrosion. Its ergonomic control box with joysticks enabling proportional commands offers improved driving comfort: up to 4 movements can be cumulated!
Exclusive innovations to work in complete safety
In line with other RTJ equipment, the new telescopic boom embeds a high performance lighting system. Haulotte Activ’Lighting System guarantees impressive visibility for safe loading operations in low light conditions: the lights integrated in the machine design illuminate the driving zone and both control panels. The Haulotte Activ’Shield Bar system, integrated into the control panel, reduces the risk of overhead crushing injuries. In an entrapment situation, the operator is pushed towards the bar and the machine stops automatically. The safety gap provides a clearance for the operator.


Haulotte paid special attention to the material and components used in the machine to improve machine lifespan and parts durability. Combined with exclusive innovations, it enables rental companies and customers to save maintenance time and money.

Modular design with easy component access for quick repairs
HT16 RTJ O/PRO (HT46 RTJ O/PRO in North America) meets all Haulotte design standards. Sensitive elements such as the steering cylinders, jib and cable channel are protected to avoid damage. All components requiring regular maintenance are easily accessible, making maintenance operations and damaged parts replacement simple and less time-consuming. Hose routing is designed to prevent friction and leaks. Finally, the 16 meter (46 feet) telescopic boom has a simple, dependable engine that only requires basic maintenance for greater cost effectiveness.
Haulotte Activ’screen : an on-board diagnostic tool
Haulotte Activ’Screen makes life easy for users and technicians every day, providing access to machine configuration, information on machine functions, and preventive maintenance recommendations. The advanced diagnostic program saves time and money and maximizes machine uptime. All Haulotte Activ’Screen functions are available on Haulotte Diag, the free mobile app that lets technicians conduct wireless machine configuration and diagnostics.
Haulotte Stop Emission System: reduced running time and maintenance intervals
HT16 RTJ O/PRO (HT46 RTJ O/PRO in North America) benefits from an automatic start & stop system, stopping the engine after an idle period of 90 seconds. The engine restarts instantly when the deadman pedal is pressed. This integrated innovation means reduced operating costs and improved residual value as fuel consumption is reduced up to 20%. It also increases the comfort of MEWP workers and people nearby thanks to reduced pollution and noise annoyances.

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